When I left Guns Up TTU and transported to Fan v.s. Fan: Matador Report I was nervous, scared, and it was a risk. At Guns Up TTU I felt a security of running everything and he I cannot. One of my most famous series was my Big 12 Predictions. It was not only my first series but my fan favorite. Now that I have a huge audience on a broad horizon I hope you guy's and gal's enjoy it as much as my blogger.com fans did. So here I go. The first week of the predictions is underway.

Friday, August 30th:

Texas Tech @ SMU: Last year Baylor played SMU and it was a very entertaining game of offensive powerhouses. Tech with their new coach is going to also be an offensive powerhouse and put up some of the biggest numbers in the country. SMU with Gilbert at QB will be just as good. I see this game being very high scoring but I know Tech will win it by 10+

Final Score: Texas Tech 35 Southern Methodist 17

North Dakota State @ Kansas State: North Dakota State is an FCS juggarnaut, and have now won 2 consecutive championships including both over SHSU. KSU last year was an FBS powerhouse only one game away from the BCS National Championship. I think this is an awesome matchup. The best FCS team v.s. the best FBS team. There is a reason why KSU is an FBS team...whether they are as good as last year (highly unlikely) or not...KSU should win this by 15-20 points.

Final Score: KSU 24 NDSU 10

Saturday, August 31st:

Northern Iowa @ Iowa State: Two years ago I attended a UNI-ISU matchup and it came down to the last 17 seconds for ISU to finally pull it off. It was an unbelievable game. UNI is much worse now but remember last year when they almost knocked off #12 Wisconsin in the Camp? I think ISU will win this game and it will single handily fall on the offense. If they cannot score, they lose, if they can score, they win. It's simple.

Final Score: ISU 17 UNI 10

Louisiana Monroe @ Oklahoma: Last year ULM made it to a bowl game for the first time in school history. Riding on a record breaking season the Warhawks looks to be even better this year. OU is coming off a season of some disappointment. Even with the good record the Sooners should have, and could have done more than they did. This game will be close, but OU will definitely pull it off.

Final Score: OU 34 ULM 17

William & Mary @ West Virginia: Truthfully I do not know to much about W&M. Nothing at all actually, so I had to do some research. W&M was not good last year and recruiting was not good either. WVU will do their thing and win this big.

Final Score: WVU 52 W&M 10

Mississippi State v.s. Oklahoma State: This is easily the second best Big 12 game of the week. OKST is riding of a great season, and really have no questions other than the fact that they will be very good this year. MSU is riding off another successful season in which led to a bowl game. Every time I see the SEC v.s. Big 12 matchups I have to pick for the Big 12.

Final Score: Mississippi State 24 OKST 35

Wofford @ Baylor: After the dropout of SMU (I think) BU was in a rush to schedule a team. The team? Wofford. BU wins this one in a blowout, even though WU is not a bad team year after year.

Final Score: BU 24 WU 3

New Mexico State & Texas: Blowout city. If UT can handle the Lobos then they can handle their little brother the Aggies.

Final Score: UT 38 NMSU 0

LSU v.s. TCU: Potentially the best opening week game the Mighty Horned Frogs of TCU will travel to Death Valley. This game will be really close...and maybe ever overtime. I think the Horned Frogs get by though. 

Final Score: TCU 17 LSU 14