Today the Lady Raiders will step on the court and celebrate a dynasty that once was. Even though the Lady Raiders know that they have a really good chance to win the game today they want to start a dynasty of their own.

The Lady Raiders currently sit at a 18-7 record and in my opinion one of the most underrated team in the country. Whether it's defense, or offense the Lady Raiders tend to excel most of the time.

Nearing the end of the year the Lady Raiders at 4th in the Big 12 but seem to come up big when they it is not expected. We already know that the Lady Raiders will most likely be in the NCAA Tournament unless the collapse but how far can they go.

I really think teams are going to struggle scoring on our defense. This Lady Raiders team is defensively excellent. Our offense is our defense. If we can become even tougher on defense I can see a Sweet Sixteen run or more. 

We need better offense production. Obviously Tech does not score a lot of points and the only team in the country you would have trouble with not scoring points against with a good D is Baylor. This is because Baylor is good at everything.

Tech has not been ranked this year. Receiving votes...yes, but not ranked. With a win today I would expect the Lady Raiders to jump into the ranking depending on who loses today. Hopefully all goes well for the team today and we get win #19.

Tune into Fox Sport Network to watch the Lady Raiders play arch rival Texas at 2:30 C.T.

Until then, Guns Up!