When you think of Texas Tech baseball you think of fight, tradition, and determination. That is something that all three of the Red Raiders selected in the draft showed last season. These three players were (P) Trey Masek, (P) Andre Wheeler, and  (P) Jerad McCrummen. 

Along with the three drafted players some played did still sign as undrafted First Year players. A total of 5 signed players joined a new MLB team over the past week.

Overall the Tech baseball program is a place where a lot of kids make it to the big leagues. Since the formation of the sport, Tech has produced 132 drafted/signed players. 

For 25 consecutive drafts, one Texas Tech player has been signed. Call that consistent. The head coach of the Red Raiders Tim Tadlock has coached up 115 draft picks for the MLB, and  mentored 16 big leaguers. 

Last season Texas Tech set a school record in draft picks with 9 going. That was also one of the most in the conference. Texas Tech is the only Big 12 program to have someone drafted since the formation of the Big 12.

Fun Fact: The highest drafted Red Raider was Donald Harris (OutField) was drafted in the 1st round, and he was the 5th pick.