The moment you all have been waiting for...Tech has officially signed Kliff Kingsbury and there is one huge list of incentives. Basically a goal sheet for what they want to have done with the program in five years. 

The deal is worth 10.25 million, 9.15 million, or 89 percent is guaranteed. 

Kliff can achieve 3 million more in bonuses if he achieves them. Kingsbury's base salary will be 300,000 dollars a year.

No matter the result Kingsbury is guaranteed a huge chunk of money. This is one of the biggest contracts Tech has had since before the Mike Leach era.

There are ten bonus categories listed in the contract. A few of them are on-field performance, team academics, and Jones Stadium capacity.

Kingsbury is limited to no more than 600,000 dollars a year, and below we will list everything that he could receive a bonus on and how much.

Bonus schedule

A summary of the bonuses included in the contract of new Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury.

Regular-season wins

■ 12: $200,000

■ 11: $150,000

■ 10: $125,000

■ 9: $100,000

■ 8: $75,000


FBS statistical rankings

■ No. 1 in total offense or defense: $50,000

■ Nos. 2 to 5 in total offense or defense: $25,000


Big 12 Conference title

■ Outright regular season: $200,000

■ Share regular season (win tiebreaker): $150,000

■ Share regular season/lose tiebreaker or runner-up: $100,000



■ Non-BCS appearance: $25,000

■ Non-BCS bowl win: $25,000

■ BCS (or successor) game appearance: $100,000

■ BCS (or successor) game win: $100,000

■ BCS (or successor) championship game appearance: $200,000

■ BCS (or successor) championship game win: $250,000


Final ranking

■ Top 25 in coaches, media, BCS or successor poll: $25,000

■ Top 10 in coaches, media, BCS or successor poll: $50,000


Big 12 coach of the year awards

■ AP or conference coach of the year award: $15,000


National coach of the year award

■ AP or ESPN national coach of the year: $50,000


Team GPA (based on scholarship players)

■ 2.65 or better for fall or spring semester: $20,000

■ 2.85 or better for fall or spring semester: $25,000

■ 3.0 or better for fall or spring semester: $30,000


Academic Performance Rating

■ Annual APR of 950: $20,000

■ Four-year APR average of 950: $10,000



■ Full-season average home attendance at least 95 percent of Jones AT&T Stadium capacity: $50,000


* May receive no more than $600,000 in bonuses for any one year.